Daily Iceberg Bulletin East Coast Waters
FICN10CWIS - 2024-06-13 18:30 UTC

FICN10 CWIS 131816
Iceberg bulletin for the East Coast waters issued by Environment
Canada at 2:30 p.m. EDT Thursday 13 June 2024 for today.
The next scheduled bulletin will be issued at 2:30 p.m. Friday.

Iceberg limit at 0000 UTC 14 Jun estimated from Newfoundland near
4657N 5300W to 4815N 5125W to 5150N 4855W to 5725N 5105W to 5645N
4725W then eastwards.

Western iceberg limit at 0000 UTC 14 Jun estimated from Quebec near
5117N 5834W to Newfoundland near 4944N 5749W.

Strait of Belle Isle.
10 to 25 icebergs.

Belle Isle Bank.
51 to 100 icebergs.

South Labrador Coast.
More than 100 icebergs.

Mid Labrador Coast
South Labrador Sea
North Labrador Coast
Northwest Labrador Sea
East Labrador Sea.
Unknown number of icebergs.

South Coast
Southwestern Grand Banks
Southeastern Grand Banks
Northern Grand Banks
Browns Bank
Georges Bank
Southwestern Shore
Lahave Bank
West Scotian Slope
Eastern Shore
East Scotian Slope
Laurentian Fan
Cabot Strait
Gulf - Magdalen
Gulf - Port au Port
Southwest Coast.
No confirmed icebergs.

East Coast
Funk Island Bank.
No confirmed icebergs except less than 10 icebergs northwest of the
iceberg limit.

Northeast Coast.
26 to 50 icebergs.

Northeast Gulf.
No confirmed icebergs except less than 10 icebergs northeast of the
western iceberg limit.

Tail of the Grand Banks
Southeast Labrador Sea.
Forecasts available to mariners upon request.

All ships operating in this area are requested to report their
position course and ice observation every 6 hours to Ice St. John's
via any Canadian marine radio station.